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Labour Rates (Prices per hour)

Casual End User

Contract Customer

Workshop, Basic Remote Software Support

Repairs, web development, telephone support



Specialist Workshop, Specialist Remote Software Support

Exchange/MCSE/Linux, term services/server/RAID



Monthly Contract – Onsite Next Business Day (Or sooner depending on availability)

Ability to cancel contact after next billing cycle – No lock in contracts (We hate contracts too)

3-7 user, 1 server: $200 per month
8-12 user, 1-2 server: $310 per month
13-20 user, 2-3 server: $510 per month
21-30 user, 2-4 server: $740 per month

•24hr System, Asset and network monitoring to assess and correct PC, server and networking problems
•Unlimited Help Desk – Call us! Priority over non contract customers
•Act on your behalf For Warranty and service issues with any supplier (example HP/IBM/Optus/Telstra) 1 st line assistance with Internet connection issues, O/S, router and VPN
•Free delivery and 1st ½ hr setup labour is included for any equipment purchased via Bounce Computers.
•Recommendations and maintenance of backup policy, anti-virus and internet security •Maintenance of relevant logins, passwords, IP addresses and routing policy for DNS/WWW/MX Email records
•Maintenance of domain profiles including RDP Terminal Sessions, drive and printer mappings, email setup Exchange/IMAP4/POP3

This is a guide only. Each site is by direct site visit and quotation. Labour is subject to a fair use policy. After 1st call out  parts and/or 3rdparty labour would still be charged. New installs and application software are not covered. Call us for pricing on higher response times or after hours support.